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Mera Sultan; A Perfect Historic Drama

Turkish dramas, recently, have taken over the Pakistani drama industry. Not much admired but still a better option than the imbecilic and story-less Indian dramas. This trend was set by a Pakistani channel, Urdu1, by airing the first ever Turkish Drama on Pakistani television, Ishq-e-Mamnu (Ask-i-Memnu).

The new channel by Geo TV network, Geo Kahani is airing a very interesting yet informative Turkish serial, Mera Sultan or Muhteşem Yüzyıl. The drama has successfully completed it’s 66 episodes and is very popular among the drama loves throughout the country. It has found it’s way in the ranking of the most viewed dramas.

SpeechofPak.com takes no credits of the picture.

SpeechofPak.com takes no credits of the picture.

Mera Sultan is a historic drama based on the life events of the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, who came to throne at the age of 26. The drama covers all the life events dramatizing the intrigues of his harem and court of his 46-year reign. Suleiman won many wars against the Christians in his reign, unaware that the biggest battles were fought inside the walls of his palace, a tussle between the Royal women of the Harem.

Suleiman was married to Gülbahar Haseki Sultan who was later given the title of Mahidevran Sultan by Suleiman himself. The title Mehidevran meaning, “one who is always beautiful”, shows the love Suleiman had for her but later Mehidevran had to face a Ruthenian girl, Alexandra Lisowska as strong and influential rival. Alexendra was brought to Istanbul as a slave of Harem where she was given a lesson that if she could manage to be Suleiman’s favorite and gave birth to a Shehzade then her world would change and from a slave she’d become Sultana, the Queen. Alexandra does what she was taught and became Suleiman’s favorite ‘hatun’ and Suleiman gave him the title of Hurrem. Later she gave birth to a son and thrashed Mahidevran’s status of being mother of the only son of Suleiman.

Mahidevran was obsessively jealous of Hurrem as she was becoming Suleiman’s favorite. She beat her, poisoned her and did everything she could to get rid of her but that gained her nothing but Suleiman’s displeasure. Mahidevran lost her son and she blamed Hurrem for that and her hatred for Hurrem increased. Pargali Ibrahim, a close friend of Suleiman, later was made the Grand Vazir, respected Mahidevran and advised her to stay away from Hurrem and refrain from running into a fight with her as he understood that Hurrem was deadly and never underestimated her powers and evil mind. When he was made Pasha, the grand Vazir, Hurrem was angered and threatened him and from that time Hurrem and Pasha started plotting against each other. Ibrahim Pasha was married to Hatice Sultan (Suleiman’s sister) and this gave him a higher place in Harrem and that’s how the story continues.

Mera Sultan is one of the best drama’s being aired at the moment. With extraordinary directions, the acting in the play is commendable. The dramatization is mind-blowing with a beautiful set and wonderful spots. It is gaining popularity very fast, every episode has more viewers than the last one. One of the major reasons of it’s immense popularity is that such a drama has never hit Pakistan’s television before which gives glamor, information and entertainment, all at the same time.  It is expected to set a record like Ask-i-memnu.

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