Rana Resort head Balloki

Rana Resort Head Balloki, a great tourism point

Rana Resort head Balloki

Rana Resort: City of parks was identity of Lahore once, but Lahore has lost its identity completely. Lahore is now one of the most polluted and  populated cities of Pakistan. To avoid this pollution and to have some peace Lahorians have a very beautiful and one of the most luxurious place around them and that is Rana luxury Resort. This wonderful green beauty is located near Head Balloki. One can visit it for absolute peace and relaxation.

This resort contains 200 acres thick bamboo jungle and is becoming a very good hunting place day by day. It attracts tourist a unique Donkey cart riding. The resort also contains a cricket ground, basketball courts, table tennis and badminton courts too.

This beautiful place is owned privately and the owners claim that this is the biggest resort of Pakistan that is owned privately.

The picture credits goes to Hafiz Rashid

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